Silverchair is the brutally honest spoken word (with keyboard) project of Ryan Avery. Every show will have a particular topic that Ryan will talk about for 15-40 minutes, this project always takes a lot out of him and so it rarely happens anymore. If it does happen, it will most likely be billed as Hi My Name Is Ryan or not mentioned at all until the night of the show.


The first Silverchair performance happened in 2004 after a LYCD: PK show and consisted of Ryan playing the keyboard and rambling about things on his mind, things that interested him and trying to rhyme while his friend Ash played a children's xylophone. Two years later his friends asked him to make a "comeback" with this performance which from then on followed the format (for the most part) of Ryan playing the keyboard under a fort on the ground while talking about the subject he had planned. Ryan tried doing a Silverchair performance every month for the next 5 months until it became too much to handle. Since then Silverchair has performed roughly ten times over the years as recently as February 2011.