Aaron - Saxophone and Flugel Horn

Carmen - Keyboard and Clarinet

Ryan - Drums and Vocals

Josh - Guitar and Banjo

Emily - Vocals

Kory - Guitar

Jaime - Bass


The Putties suck.

Maybe the worst ska band ever to exist in Arizona.

They played one show and broke up immediately after.

Ryan, Josh, Emily and Kory started The Hip Identity soon after that. They played one show and then broke up immediately after too.

Then Josh, Kory and Aaron Started  Johnny Five! with their friend Lawson which later became Danger Team 7.

Aaron now plays in Liam and The Ladies

Carmen is now spinning records under the name DJ Carmen Vega

Kory plays guitar in Captain Squeegee

Ryan is keeping himself busy.

Josh, Emily and Jaime are not doing anything fun or creative as far as anyone knows.