E. Mayo / E. Avery / E. Hill / E. Tanner / E. Hawks / E. Scanlin / E. Coombs / E. Reed / E. Lewis / E. Robertson / E. Gubler / E. Joseph / Pres. Gessel / E. Larson / E. Baker / E. Saunders / Sis. Ott / E. Spain / E. Nicholes / E. Clark / E. Beck / E. Diamond / E. Bodin / Shawn Bardwell

 The last O.P.M. lineup. (2008 Portland, OR)

O.P.M. stands for "On Probation Mormons" which was missionary slang for being on a mission. "O.P.M." is also the initials for the "Oregon Portland Mission" which is the LDS Church Mission all of these songs were recorded in. It was started by E. Nicholes and E. Avery back in November 2006 in Salem, OR as a recording project for the two elders. E. Nicholes went home in March of 2007 and E. Avery continues the project throughout the rest of his mission.

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