Andrew: Vocals / Keyboard

Ryan: Vocals / Keyboard

The Phantom: Drums

Night Wolf is the result of two young men with too much time on their hands. All songs were originally 100% improvised, but as the project continues they have explored many different and obnoxious forms of performance. Not all Night Wolf shows are the same, sometimes they play music, sometimes they rub lotion on each other, sometimes they tell spooky stories, sometimes they watch TV and sometimes its all of the above.



Glen Danzig

(I Whooped) Danzig's Ass

Bad Ideas

Witch Jam

Ghost Town

Water Heater SUCKS!

The Shadow

Happy Song

Holiday Jamboree

Freddy Rap

Mountain Man

Thor Jam


Free Bird


Bambi Jam

Shaq Dub

 Dungeon Master

Happy Hanukah

Wolf Man

Oleander Jam

Corporate Ladder

Kilt Jam

Dollar Coins

David Dickovini

The Mummy

Radioactive Yogurt

Batman Dub

HapHappy Easter

Night Wolf

Skelebones Jam

LLove You [I Use To]

Fart Relief

Frankenstein Love

Scrappy Doo

Red Shoes

Professor Rock

Rave Warning

American Leprechaun

Merry Christmas!!!

Scary Dragons

Child Obesity

Bad Teeth

Guns N Ale

Rocky Backyard

Surprise Party!

Moustache Jam

Swamp Creature

Anxiety Attack

Pizza Jam

Seinfeld Sucks!

Natking Cole

Mr. Clean

Tight Pants

Misunderstood Gargoyles


Mother (DANZIG)

Hybrid Moments (MISFITS)

Astro-Zombies (MISFITS)

Skulls (MISFITS)

Some Kind of Hate (MISFITS)

Last Caress (MISFITS)

Mortal Kombat (THE IMMORTALS)

Monster Wedding (THE AQUABATS)