Reverend Ryan: Minister of all things good and true.

The Church of New Happy Endings is a performance art project that Ryan Avery did for the "shut up and listen this is the warm and friendly tour" back in July, 2009. It consists of Reverend Ryan conducting a church service where he taught 2-3 key principals of the gospel of Jesus Christ through testimony, scripture and song. The church services are run in a pseudo-evangelical "holy roller" style. The project is not a joke and the things Rev. Ryan would teach on stage from the pulpit are things he believes to be true.



-Jesus is there

-It's Me Oh, Lord

-I'm Excited in The Lord

-Workin on a Building

-When I Think Of His Goodness

-He Touched Me

-I'l Fly Away

-Old Time Religion


Download the New Happy Endings Hymn Book.