Dave Driscoll: Drums (+keys w/the cullens)

Diana Welsch: Bass

Ryan Avery: Vocals

Andrew Jemsek: Guitar / Accordian

(Tristan Jemsek: Drums w/the cullens)

The Magic Fingers is a James Kochalka Superstar Tribute Band.


The Magic Fingers have only played two shows. Since the band members in the Magic Fingers are also in The Cullens, they would play JKS songs as an honcore.

The songs covered included

-sound check of love
-wash your ass
-alberts my friend
-magic finger
-bad astronaut
-copenhagen china box
-put down the gun kurt cobain
-south union and beeyatch
-hockey monkey
-sleigh ride to heck
-britneys silver can
-don't trust whitey

 -keg party


"You guys are super cute."-james kochalka