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Locking Your Car Doors (2002-2006) started out as your typical, juvenile, young kids making lousy avant garde performance art noise and grew into one of the most legendary bands in phoenix with their own unique blend of party terrorism. Locking Your Car Doors was banned from almost every single venue in the phoenix metro area including ones they never even played. Their shows consisted of loud party music, lots of yelling, fuck-words, empty threats and a giant dangerous mess. The farewell LYCD show was in May, 2006 at the phix art gallery (r.i.p.), the show had the biggest mess to date and ended with the demolition of a station wagon inside the building. Many people had to leave the show early to get to a hospital. The band did a last minute "joke" reunion at a ska show in 2009 under the name "Codename: Rocky Reunion" at the trunk space. It was not nearly as cool or epic as any other show but it was still fun for the few people in attendance.


LYCD have no plans of a reunion unless Andrew W.K. is involved somehow.