DIRECTORS: Paul Eagleston and Stephen Rose

STARRING: Wayne Michael Reich, Ryan Avery and all his family and friends in 2006

Back in 2006 Ryan had a lot of projects going on at the same time (Fathers Day, Night Wolf, Iggy Pop, The Best Friends, Catorce, Uncle Skus Clubhouse... just to name a few) and it got him a lot of local recognition and attention.

So The Phoenix New Times wrote a cover story about him and all of the neat things he was doing at the time  (you can read the story here) Then some film makers from Salt Lake City read the article and decided to make a short film documentary about him. Ryan agreed to let them make a short film about him and the cool things he was doing in phoenix, and after following Ryan around for 2 weeks they decided to make it a full length feature film.

The film at this point is a little out-dated but is still a terrific film and an amazing time stamp of Ryan's life and the weirdo music scene in Phoenix, AZ in 2006.


The film toured different film festivals all over the world (pretty heavily) for a couple of years and now shows up sparsely at film festivals, art galleries and class rooms of different film and art classes all over the USA.


You can not buy a copy of this film anywhere yet.

You can not watch this film online or on netflix yet.


The film has not been picked up by a distributer yet, but if you know of one that might be interested contact Paul Eagleston and Stephen Rose.

If you would like to show the film in your class room, movie theater, film festival, bar, art gallery, bbq...etc contact Paul Eagleston and Stephen Rose.