Dr. Ryan Culen: Vocals

Diana Cullen: Bass / Vocals

Dave Cullen: Keys / Dancing / Cowbell

Andrew Cullen: Guitar

Tristan Cullen: Drums (november 2009-march 2010)

Shawn Robinson: Drums (march 2010-august 2010)

The Cullens are the worlds greatest Twi-Rock n' Roll Band. All the songs written for the project are based off the movies except "fang bang" which was written by Diana Cullen who actually read the Twilight book series. The rest of the band has only seen the movies.  The Cullens live show is typically very fun and eneregetic and includes lots of dancing and bad/tasteless vampire jokes.


bella doesnt dance
fang bang
hey bella i like you in your panties
i love watching you sleep
money sex cat
no one will believe you
skin of a killer

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