Craig: Vocals

Ryan: Vocals

Toby: Drums

Masa: Drums

TK: Bass

Stephen: Guitar

The idea behind Bald And Pissed (B.A.P.) was inspired by Craig and Ryan's terrible looking bald heads.

As they were complaining about the new look they had the thought of "wouldn't it be funny if someone wrote songs about being bald and how it is the biggest mistake they have ever made"

That idea snowballed very quickly with the help of Craig's brother Stephen they wrote a bunch of songs from this point of view.


Two singers and two drummers gave the band a really loud and extra abrasive feeling.

The other side to this concept was "let's form this band and have it only last until our hair grows back in" (so about 4 months) in the meantime while the band is playing shows tell everyone the "gag" behind the band and make every show huge, legendary and well documented. So when the band is long gone people would look back at the photos and videos and see merchandise for this band and say "man, I wish I could've been a part of that" and the whole thing will end up being bigger, better, cooler and more amazing than it actually is.


What actually happened was, the band formed and wrote finished an albums worth of material but then after about 8 practices Stephen and Craig decided to abandon the project and so the band disbanded.

Ryan and Craig's hair grew out and the band will most likely never see the light of day.

But thankfully the last practice was recorded and you can hear the songs B.A.P. wrote and imagine what could've been by going here.