"Ryan Avery's an alt-cultural renaissance man and the clown prince of the downtown Phoenix art scene, performing at any of the numerous venues dotting Grand Avenue or Roosevelt Row."
-Phoenix New Times
"Ryan's shit is so simple and genius that it is probably a source of major aggravation for all the "real" punks in Phoenix...fuck em."
-Mr. Quintron
(Drum Buddy & Weather Warlock creator)
"Ryan Avery totally deserves to be the next prime minister of America"
-Malcom Tent
(Punk rock weirdo legend)
"Ryan Avery puts the fag back into art fag without being a total fag about it. Funny, smart, engaging, and without the art house snobbery. "
-Lee Satterfield
(Treephort frontman and owner of Swayze's)
  “There is no stage, no audience, no performer; This is the greatest truth that I learned from Ryan. Alternatingly inclusive and inscrutable, Ryan's work has moved me, mystified me, and once almost set me on fire. His passion is contagious, and I am happily infected.”
-Kevin Flanagan
(writer, performer and cult member)
  "Ryan's fucking crazy. He's able to command an audience with absolutely nothing other than his voice, while also being able to combine whatever art form he chooses. Definitely a modern great"
-Kool Skull
(artist, performer and producer)
  "In the most uninhibited and pure way, Ryan Avery is a cannonball. Not at all concerned with the potential for direct structural damage nor the ripple effects of his body’s movement through any given open space - he has the ability to charm and/or embarrass, confuse and/or enlighten, with little-to-no-concern of how that may be perceived by anyone on the sidelines (if he allows them to remain there). Few people allow themselves to be so free, it is truly a gift."
-James Fella
(gilgongo records)
  "Sincerity and audacity are Ryan's weapons of choice, and he wields them well."
-Archbishop Jason Polland
(artist, musician)
  "Just when I think I know the bounds of Ryan's creative world, he astounds me with inspiring new ideas and achievements."
-Dave Driscoll
  "There's people in the world who can't handle a big heart and open arms. These kind of people usually are lacking in that department as it is, but Ryan Avery strikes more terror and fear in their souls than any other."
-Drew Danburry
(artist, musician and barber)
  "Ryan Avery is very good at making people angry and uncomfortable. That is why we like him."
(art thieves)
  "It has often been stated that the greatest talent is all but meaningless without one other vital component, and that is passion. Whether you are a critic or an adoring fan of Ryan's singular vision of what it is to be an Artist, you can never deny his ardent passion regarding it, and that is what makes him a force to be reckoned with."
-Wayne Michael Reich
(artist, critic)  
“I enjoy working with Ryan because he has great ideas and gives me the creative freedom to shoot what I want.”
-Jon Jenkins
(artist, photographer and filmmaker)
  "I wrote something incredibly beautiful about Ryan Avery and he asked me to shorten it. "
-Jason Sykes
(Pirate Ship Records)
  "Ryan Avery wears polyester with fashion precision, like a space suit to a parallel universe; beyond time, embedded in historical psyche and triumphant with the best of nobility, flamboyance, and flare."
-Alan Nakagawa

(artist, musician and curator)
  "Ryan is the perfect quirky character that completes an already great story.  Years ago he helped me navigate the downtown Phoenix art scene and inspired me to listen to new genres of music."
-Sheila Bocchine
(pinhole photographer, world traveler and former gallery owner)
  "Ryan Avery is a dude and also a SUPER DUDE!"
-Parker Jacobs
(artist, actor, musician, yo gabba gabba, goon holler, go go-13, the aquabats...etc)
  "I lost my father at a young age. For years I lacked guidance and direction. 'Father's Day' gave me the positive masculine role model my life had been without. Years of paternal reinforcement and advice were given to me in mere minutes at my first Fathers Day show. I learned to shave, how to get that girl, to drive a stick shift, catch a fish, and to finally stand up to the freckled kid who had been taking my lunch money."
-Jonathan Snipes
(sound artist, musician and producer)
  "Starring Ryan Avery as The Bandit: his head clanks with the navigations of bees decades-old. 'Make fast the reins,' they call, useless, as he cracks, most casual, his latest safe."
-Joe Tepperman
(theater writer, speech engineer, musician and teacher)
"YEAHHHHHH! My hero!!! YeahhhhhH!"
-Kengo Hioki (aka Peelander-Yellow)
(artist, musician and alien)